Femini Girdle CP4lite (crotch open)


Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthetic in the world.

Life like in appearance and feel, the Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthetic in the world. Ideal for crossdressing and other fetishes

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Femini Girdle CP4-lite crotch opened, hip and pad enhanced

– Crotch opened

– Extra padding and hip enhancement

– Refined skin texture

– multi skin color!


What’s the difference between CP4s


1. bigger hip and padding added to to girdle, crotch less design

What’s the most attractive feature of CP4-lite?

the girdle is now crotch less, there’s no obstacles between you and your mate, and there’s substantially enhanced the hip and pad, more natural and hourglass shape like

the girdle is 1.2-inches added to outside of each thigh and 0.75-inches to the inside of each thigh. 2inches more added to padding

Can I stretch fit the girdle?

Ans: the maximum stretch is +5inches, you can stretch fit under this size . we recommend stretch fit.

Does the vagina penetrable?

Ans: no this girdle doesn’t has vagina canal nor urination canal

Can I pee while wearing it?

Ans: yes, sure, it’s crotch less


Additional information


M size(Waist Size 28~34inches) Max. waist stretch: 48inches, L size(Waist Size 34~36inches) Max. waist stretch: 53inches


Oliveskin, Latin (PANTONE Color 466C), Fairskin


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