New Silicone Breast Form Boob Crossdresser Transvestite


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Made from 90% latex.

Foam filled so “squeezable.”

Lightweight and easy to wear, weighing under 1 lb.

Available A-K cup size

Natural skin tones.

Perfect for crossdressers, mastectomy patients, cosplayers or stage performers, our silicone breasts will not only enhance your physical appearance but also give you that curvy girly look you’ve been looking for!

Regain your lost  confidence & look more beautiful  than ever with  breast forms from crossdressers, which are specially designed to help you look and feel more confident than ever! Dazzle all your friends and loved ones with your natural and realistic fake boobs now.

Unlike  all those cheaply-made fake breasts, fake breastforms for crossdressers and cosplay artists are made from medical-grade silicone, which is not only skinsafe and hypoallergenic, but will also look and feel like real breasts – jiggly and bouncy!

TIPS: Length is long diameter, width is short diameter and height is from base to top.


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size 2(32B-36AA), size 3(32C-38AA), size 4(32D-40AA), size 5(32DD-42AA)


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